The originally called “Gruppo fds ettmar” was born from the joining of two production activities, each of them with a specific specialization but both operating in the same field. The Group is able to offer a complete range of products, linking tradition to innovation.

This production activity started off in 1992 when the first F.D.S was born, the inventor of the first and original “Isostatic Punch”; the invention would soon become a turning point in ceramic tiles production history.

Since the very beginning, F.D.S. follows a specific strategic course, essentially based on the continuous research and on the following production and commercialization of innovative solutions protected - both nationally and internationally - by industrial patents.

Together with the progressive success of the first F.D.S. and Certechs first-born, the market consolidation is also achieved thanks to the acquisition of a major local company that has been operating in the market for more than thirty years: the ETTMAR Officine Meccaniche SpA.

Nowadays, F.D.S. Ettmar S.p.A. stands out in the international market for over thirty years of experience in the field, an avant-garde know-how, a wide range of products and services able to satisfy all needs, a modern and efficient technical, productive and commercial structure. The synergies developed by F.D.S. Ettmar S.p.A. are of great number: they range from the centralized management of the customers – carefully followed step by step – to the professional growth, from the widespread five continents distribution of all products of all the companies in the group to the possibility of relying on a complete and highly specialized service. This has always been one of F.D.S. Ettmar S.p.A.'s strengths: the customer has the chance to have an installation or a machine entirely created from one single supplier, in a short time and with the highest reliability. F.D.S. Ettmar S.p.A. Indeed realizes all the work phases: the research, the project (with the help of the latest three-dimensional computer design systems), the prototypes realization, tests and experimentations, production, technical assistance and parts replacement. The customer only needs to express his needs and to verify the alternative applications offered and to choose the most effective one.

The progressive consolidation in the market has consequently widened the commercial reach of F.D.S. Ettmar S.p.A., resulting in the opening of branches abroad, especially in the strategically important markets which add up to the many coordinated agencies around the world.